Newest WD Red Spec sheet incorrect

Hey guys.

I don’t exactly know where I should be asking this, so I’m just hoping this is the correct place. :slight_smile:

The WD Red Spec Sheet PDF that’s on the WD site has a Copy/Paste error. All the Power Management (Wattage) numbers are copied from the Shock (Gs) table. So on Idle, the drives use a measly 250 Watts of power :smiley:

Thus I was wondering, does someone here have the correct spec sheet (from before November 2018 but not something ancient like the 2012’s and 2013’s I’ve found online) so I can see the correct wattage and/or could help me figure out how to contact WD for this information? All the help forms I’ve gone through on the site are always I-own-this-product-and-have-serial-number specific. I’m just not finding a way to contact them (electronically) for a generic request and I’m not about to call them from abroad :slight_smile: