Newest Firmware Update Now Can't Access MyCloud Solid Blue Light

After the issues caused by the last firmware update I should have learned. However, I never thought it would cause the problems I have now. On the previous update I couldn’t get it to recognize the USB attached hard drive in order to backup MyCloud. It was suggested in a community post that removing everything off MyCloud, do a factory reset and reinstall everything back onto MyCloud. That took me a week due to the large library of Videos and Music. Once I did that I was able to do a complete backup and the MyCloud was working flawlessly, I received an email every morning at 2am telling me my backup had been completed. for 6 months It has never failed and the MyCloud was finally working the way it should. Now I can’t even access MyCloud after this firmware upgrade. It’s hung up with a notice that the firmware had been installed 100% and it’s stuck there. I’ve restarted Safari a dozen times and still can’t get past that notice on the screen. The light on MyCloud is solid blue. I started this firmware update 6 hours ago. I haven’t restarted the MyCloud in fear of doing more damage. Any suggestions, why is there always major issues after a firmware update? I was considering purchasing the new MyCloud so I could us it with Roku but I don’t want to deal with this with every firmware update.

My suggestion is never to let it upgrade from the web. Always download the file first, and upgrade from the saved file. Also, turn off auto-upgrade so it only upgrades when you tell it to.