Newer Firmware

First before I become one of those guys let me just start by saying that the MyNet N900 Router is amazing.  I really do enjoy it and it’s a fine piece of hardware.

However I will kick it to the curb if Western Digital ends up being one of those companies.  The kind that should be well aware of bugs in the firmware and yet does nothing to update them.  It’s been almost three months since I ordered the router and there was one minor update.  Mean while I continue to experience crashes and an unresponsive router.  I had one this morning, I had to pwower cycle it.

I’m just curious if you could shed some light on your update plans if any?  I’d love to keep this router but the firmware needs some major work.

as far as i know western digital always send updates for their product as they do with the media players and other devices I’m sure they will releasing a new firmware soon