Newby here - tried to downgrade for ownCloud. Don't think it's bricked, but won't log in

I downgraded to v3, following the instructions at, and other posts had mentioned the same thing.

So I removed the necessary lines from and then “upgraded” through the web UI. It said “installing” and then rebooted the cloud.

When I go to my local IP, the MyCloud logo shows up at the top, which means it’s certainly connecting, but it’s just a dark blank screen.

I can’t log in via FTP or SSH anymore, either, from either root or my username.

So… anyone have any ideas? :sweat:

(PS. I did a “Safepoint” to a USB beforehand, btw. I just don’t know how to revert the changes.)
(Edit 1. Holding the reset button down for 40, more like 50, seconds restarted it, but didn’t revert it back to it’s factory settings.)
(Edit 2. Well, looks like I was supposed to copy the actual .deb to the Public folder and select it from there. And I was supposed to rewrite /etc/version … :weary: Could still use some help if someone sees this.)

Ok, got it. Found it somewhere else, but:

Hold the reset button 10 seconds, unplug it for 30 seconds (I kept holding the reset button though), plug it back in and keep holding the reset button for 40 more seconds.

It now says firmware is version 3, and I guess it’s just initializing and trying to figure out what happened now.

Hello there,

Thanks for sharing your solution with the community hopefully this can help other users with a similar issue.