Newbie with question: Can I leave this unit running 24/7?

Newbie to the forum and I can’t find the answer to my question? Can I leave the unit running 24/7?

The TV Live HD unit is connected to my router via CAT-5. There’s also a portable drive connected to it. The WD Live HD is mapped as a drive on other computers/laptops around the house so whenever I want to access the Live HD unit from any computer (or vice versa) I have to manually power one or the other.

I’d like to plug multiple drives to the Live HD unit and leave it running 24/7 and use it as a server. I can’t find any info about leaving the power on 24/7 or otherwise. Please advise. Thanks in advance!!!

I do…

If you don’t have a really new version with ‘super’ standby’ then there is little difference between the power taken on standby and the power when on. About 5 to 6 watts on and about 4 to 5 watts on standby.