Newbie- wd tv live hub, **many questions** helppppppp

Hi,  I have a new WD TV LIVE HUB, friend loaded it with movies and songs, now  I want to rename folders on

WD TV Hard Drive and move the music out of the video folder to the music folder???  I have a D-Link wireless router attached to my modem of my desktop.  I also have a laptop with wifi.  What do I need to do to organize all the folders on the WD TV LIVE HUB teribyte hard drive??  Thanks for your help.

(all movies/music is only on the WD TV LIVE HUB, I don’t have it backed up anywhere)

First, you’ll need to get the Hub connected to the network. Then go to the Setup menus on the Hub and look for the Network tab (it’s called something like that). There’s an option for automatic setup, that works for most people. Once it shows up as network attatched storage you can access the hard drive  from your laptop and rearrange things to your liking.

Don’t forget to rebuild the media library when you’re done, or select Options on the remote, then arrow down to Rescan to rescan a specific folder.

Thanks for the help, great site