Newbie, Volume Problem, MyCloudEx2Ultra

Hello, im a Newbie in the issue of NAS an i need your help. I´ve bought an installed a MyCloudEx2Ultra Device. I don´t know why but i cant usw the device (syncronisation,…)
Some points:
-) When i first started the device i had a “public folder”. Now i can´t find the public folder nor any other folder!!
-) When i login to the device the starting screen shows that there are no data and NO FREE space on the device.
-) It´s not possible to upload any data.
-) I´ve reset the device but nothing changed.
-) The device is found in my network, but there are no folders.
-) Raid (1) Volumes are ok

One more thing: When i try to make a permission i have to read “no volume”.

Please help me!
Have i missed something when i set up the device?

Thank you!!


Have you tried rebuilding the RAID? if not, please try that.

Hello, now I have the same problem, did you solve it?