Newbie Questions (Rebuilds, Not shown in the OS, etc...)

Hi there - I have some questions concerning the MyCloud product and was hoping for some enlightenment.

  • My unit reported it was “degraded” and I eventually figured out that I needed to “rebuild” the second drive. This took a long time, but eventually was showing good again. My question - given the drive is apparently fine, why did it all of a sudden declare itself degraded?? Only reason I knew something was up was the light on the front of the unit was flashing red for several months, so I finally got onto the web admin page and started sniffing around…

  • I bought this product because my laptop ran out of space and I was hoping to move a lot of my larger files (photos, etc) to the shared drive… What I am noticing is that a lot of programs do not recognize the WD unit as an external drive. For example, I have a Backup program that insists I put in a USB drive, but can’t see the WD at all… What am I missing there?

thanks for any ideas / insight! Much appreciated!

You have 1-disk WD MyCloud? Or Mirror/Ex2/Ex4/etc ?
For one-disk-cloud (WDMC Gen1) “degraded raid” is normal. Its part of firmware upgrade mechanism.

Firmware upgrade explain:
Partitions 1 & 2 on HDD in raid 1 (mirror). When you upgrade firmware, scripts extract one part, make new degraded raid on hem, upload new firmware inside and start from new raid. After that - old raid will be deleted and free partition added to new raid.
But something went wrong and 2nd part of this script not working.

Sorry for bad English.

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