Newbie Question: How to remove from the media library without deleting the actual file

Hi all - newbie question here - thanks for your patience.  I started by adding a shared drive with some videos on it to the media library.  Then I decided to copy some of the video files from the share onto the Hub and added them to the media library, so now they appear twice.  How to I remove the shhared folder without deleting all the files in it - is this possible?


Big Dad

*Edit*:  Just realized I posted this in the wrong sub-forum. Can’t find a way to delete it, but will repost in the correct forum if I’m asked to.


Bit confused in what you want to do.

If you are happy with your shares and dont want them on the internal drive, delete them from the internal drive.

If you don’t want the shares to show from the PC or whatever it is - Setup/System/Media Library/Media Manager for Network Share - Then select what you dont want to show and select the cross. This will stop the WDTV showing the folder. It wont do anything to external files.