Newbie Question : Copy files via Internet?

This looks like a great product but I am looking for something to use in a mountain cabin (with an internet connection). The ideal situation would be if I could upload (not stream) avi files from home to the remote drive (WD Live Media Player) via the Internet before I head up there.

Does this device allow such a connection?


Theoretically, yes.

You could expose your WDTV to the internet, and share a drive attached to it, but you’d be taking a big risk, because ANYONE in the world might be able to access it…

Heck, I for one am just amazed that you have internet access in a mountain cabin.  :)

You could use a WD NAS drive such as the World Book Edition plugged to your internet connection at your cabin ( direct LAN or via a router) in conjunction with the Media Live.

This external drive is accessible remotely via the internet from anywhere in the world. You can drop any file in it even your AVI files .

Hope this helps.


Be prepared for a LONG WAIT!  :)

I have 35 Mbit/sec internet (both up and down).   Even I wouldn’t relish the idea of sending multiple Gigabytes of data.  :)

Yeah, it’s bad enough moving data over my 100Mbit LAN, trying it via internet would require a serious time investment; your holiday could well be over before you saw even half the files you want!  :D

Load up an external HDD with all your media prior to the trip and take that with you.  

Safest and easiest way to access media using the WD TV.

Thanks for the great advice, all.

Yes, a very enterprising local set up a WiMax system for the valley. It works like a charm!

Or investigate the Slingbox – from what I understand it’s exactly what you want.