Newbie please help me


I am sifting through lots of information and not being very tech savvy. I need someone to give me the 101 on how to protect my data.

Long story short we had an old my book live that went solid red light. My partner has now bought the new updated my cloud home.

My question is how do I back up the mycloud home. Or is it that trustworthy it doesn’t need backing up? I am a bit confused and sceptical given we went red light on the old system. So I am trying to figure out if everything is going on to my cloud how do I protect it?

I welcome any experienced users advice.

I understand the mycloud is pretty simple to use and makes sense that it gathers all the information in one place, but I need to understand the simple version of now backing up the mycloud if there is such a thing.

Thanking you in advance

Cheers Charlene

@charlene You will want to visit the My Cloud Home sub-forum for more information.

You can also visit the Learning Center for more information.

The Knowledge Base also provides information.