Newbie needs some serious help!

I just hooked up my passoport elite and installed WD Smartware today.  Within two minutes of working with it I saw some glaring problems so I figured I must be missing something.  Hopefully you can help answer some questions…

1.  Is there a way to seelct files by name rather than by type to make sure that files that I have in various locations are all backed up?

2.  How do I know what type of files are being backed up or from where?  i.e. what the heck does “other” mean?  Is my outlook file being backed up?  What about the mobile application data for my iphone?  Generally, what about everything under C:\user\appdata

3.  If the answer to the above two questions is “no, there is no way to have that kind of detailed control” then…is there a way I can get ride of WD Smartware altogether and use another back up program? 

4.  Last but not least, if the answer to #3 is no, how do I erase everything I’ve backed up so I can return this thing???


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Obviously that should be Newbie not Nebie…maybe I need help with spelling as well!