Newbie Needs Help

Hi. I just got my first external hard drive today. It’s a G Drive mobile USB 1TB Mac formatted that has 2 cables.

OK, so I connected it to my MacBook, Time Machine kicked in and it seems like everything got backed up to the external, as I was notified when it was finished.


1.) I unplugged the drive and want to store it back in its original box for safekeeping. I will back up my stuff like once a week. Is it okay to store it back in the box so it doesn’t get damaged?
2.) How do I check the external to make sure it contains all my stuff?
3.) How do you set a password for it?


  1. Yes you can just place it back in the box
  2. When it is attached you can check the Time Machine preferences and it will let you know when the last backup was completed. If you want to browse the backups you would have to click on Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine app and view the backups
  3. You can encrypt it but we don’t have support for that.

Thank you. I thought I saw something where a password could be set.

When I check Time Machine to see what was backed up, does the drive have to be plugged in, or is the answer to that just “DUH”?

Yes it has to be plugged in to see the contents