Newbie My Book Live user with queries

I have recently purchased and set up a MBL at home.  No problems seeing the drive, copying over files, uesing it as an extra drive, etc.  However I no want to tap into a few of the more NAS features and have some queries.


1. Remote Access - Media Access - I activated an ipad for WD 2go & WD Photos.  But didn’t need the pin.  I just entered the user password?  Is that ok?

  1. Remote Access - Web Access - I have set up an account for one User - it emails the User a login link - what password do they use to log on?  Their user password?  What if they have no user password?  It then requests a network password - What is this?

  2. Twonky? - Should this be enabled?  What would I use this for?



  1. Does anyone on my wifi network have full access to the NAS without passwords?


  1. admin - Why do i need a password?  What does it protect?  Just access from users on my home wifi network?

  2. User1 - What is a password used for? Is a password necessary?


  1. Can you copy/download a file with read-only access?

  2. TimeMachineBackup  - What is this?  Is this for Macs?  Any use for PCs?

  3. How do you sign out of  When I click “sign out” I get a message saying “if you leave this page map shares remain active”? I use Chrome.

Rerally appreiate any assistance.  Thanks, Rich

  1. To access the my book files from a remote location, you need to create the code.

  1. Check the link for the steps.

  2. Twonky is a media server, you can use it to access the files in the my book from any device that supports DLNA services.

  3. To the public folder, yes. You can create password protected folders and enable a password to access the UI.

  4. It protects the access to the UI and all the changes that you can do from there.

  5. See 5.

  6. Yes

  7. Backup app for Mac.

  8. That means that you can still access the shared folder even if the wd2go webpage is closed.

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Alucardx23 - Thanks for the reply.

  1. I have now added 5 devices. None required a pin. Perhaps because they are using the wifi that the NAS is on. Guess the PIN is for when on a different network/mobile. Will test when I am next out of house.

  2. Seems to be working now. I tested it using myself but I was already registered hence the email I got didn’t ask me to create a password. No longer asking for a network password?

  3. Thanks. Will turn twonky off.

  4. Thanks.

  5. Ok, now protected.

  6. No secrecy from other users. So will leave unprotected for the time being.

  7. Great. Thanks.

  8. Thanks. Will ignore.

  9. Presume this means if you have opened an internet explorer share it stays live. I get the message even if no internet explorer share is open but guess it is just a warning.