Newbie - Issue - formatting MBLD


Hello Everyone,

I’m very new to this MBLD version of External drives.
So i bought a MBLD 8Tb from a friend and she has deleted everything from the drive, but on the MBLD UI page shows 3Gb as usage.
I don’t see any files in the drive but i can see a lot of empty folders. I want to free that 3Gb but so far i couldn’t find a solution. And none of the MBLD drives are shown in DIsk Management to format.

I ended up doing the Full Factory Restore but still the same.
Any solution for this???

[my OS - windows 8.1]

Pls. let me know
Thank you.


Hi unigalaxy,

It would be best to contact WD’s Technical Support about this issue.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.


Thanks a lot…I will do this now


Hello, unigalaxy,
Did WD ever help you solve this problem, or did you manage to figure it out on your own?


Good Day,

I didn’t get any solution for that and I doubt it would take 3Gb for system files…doesn’t add up.