[newbie] how to get media meta data?


after reading the manual and browsing thru this forum, I still have no real clue how to get media meta data (such as covers and info).

First of all, I have no external storage devices (USB sticks or USB HDs) to my WDTV live.

Second, I use the Twonky Media Server of my NAS to stream music or vidoes to my WDTV, which works fine. But I have no idea how to automatically get all the info for the media. The media library is enabled and I also renamed a video to follow the naming conventions (“District 9.mpg”).

So my first questions are: Do I need to attach a USB stick because the WDTV needs a place to store all the info?

the SMP will create the media info on whatever storage (including NAS) you’re using.

if you go to the ‘setup’ screen where you turned media library on,

you have the option to add network shares (Media Library Manager for Network Shares).

add the folders you want the smp then go back to setup and choose if you want ‘Get Content Info’ to be auto or manual.

if you do manual just press option on the movie and select get content.