Newbie here - several questions about failing DX4000

I know enough to be dangerous.

I inherited a small network - SBS 2011 server and DX4000 device. desktops are backed up to the DX4000 using shadowprotect and continuous incrementals.

Several machines backups started failing last night - 1 of the previous backups in the chain are supposedly corrupt.

Logging into the DX4000 via remote desktop, things look ok other than red x in top area of storage server dashboard - hard drive has failed (with last night time stamp).

Going into ‘monitor’ tab, it says 1 of the 4 drives has failed.

a) Can I tell drive serial number remotely or do I have to go there to pull the failed drive? Curious if its in warranty (would the drives have come with the dx4000 / have 3 year warranty? or does the dx4000 come empty and drives are bought seperate?
b) how can I tell the age of the box / drives (I guess there’s dates on each drive).
c) I just set up email alerts so that answers the question how I would have learned of the drive failure if not for shadow protect (althogh it;s raid 5 so that 1 failed drive shouldn’t have caused problems with the backups, right? the data should be intact).
d) if out of warrany, how do I get a replacement drive that will work.
e) it says drive 3 failed. are drives hot swappable? and easily labeled? don’t want to pull the wrong drive : )


the light should be different above the drive
contact WD for support and see what happens.
May be time to upgrade the hardware

upgrade the hardware - you mean replace it?

And are you the gramps I hear Amy B, I think it is, talk about? You sell these? or similar products? For a small network, what do I gain with windows OS vs. a ‘NAS’. Just seems more complicated than needed?

Some more info - the DX4000 is 4 years old (almost exactly a year out of warranty based on calling WD support).

I asked the tech’s opinion about getting the replacement drive (and likely the others will fail in the shorter term) vs. getting a whole new NAS. He said get the 1 drive (i mentioned I’d get their newer NAS, so it wasn’t like he’d think he was losing a sale).

I called their wd store and they are out of stock on the 2GB drives for this, suggested I look on line and he also said - get the drive rather than their mycloud nas.

I found this:

which leads to this:

I’m looking to install that setuprst.exe, but it wants .net 4.5.

if I do that install then I can just use some other 2TB SATA drive (yeah, something reliable because it’s doing raid 5). That idea of using the intel raid controller is still a viable answer?

Amy and I are buds :slight_smile: But I doubt she would talk about me much. Now Susan B is a better possibility. As I said, I think I would just tell the DX thanks for all it as done and move on. You can’t find replacement drives. You can buy and enterprise drive and edit the whitelist perhaps, but this is a headless box and if stuff goes wrong it is just painful.

If you want client backups to continue your only choice and it’s not really a bad choice is a Thecus w2000 or w4000. If you just need a place to “put stuff” the Thecus is still not a bad choice or you can find other hardware that has Windows Storage server but not Essentials that does backups.

I like a windows box but the *nix folks try hard to blend in. WD has some or qnap etc. They all use WD Red Drives.

Ah, yes maybe susan! Sorry. As at least 1 of them has pointed out, they are of the few women in the industry. Not sure if that should help or hurt me saying ‘I got confused between them’ ie with so few women in the field, how hard should it be to keep straight what each of them say? But both of them contribute so much to the yahoo forums!

I hadn’t heard of Thecus but see it on newegg. Is that as good a vendor as any to get it from?

Am I wrong for wanting to keep thing simple and avoid a windows server OS? And is it wrong to think that a linux NAS will be simpler?

Do you sell any of these? I forgot your website URL

Hi, in my case the RST driver solved the problem of the DX4000 not upgrading from RAID1 to RAID5. For sure with RST drive you can use any hard drive (of course of correct size - I would suggest to use the WD SE one). I cannot be sure 100% whether the driver will correctly manage an already broken array even if I would be suprised it wouldn’t. My DX4000 install with RST driver is properly working since months, please however check carefully all pros and cons I already mentioned in my previous post.

No I quit when the newer version came out and they only let select vendors offer it. I so hoped WD would have one but they have dropped all Windows boxes. Thecus and Seagate have them. I love my Thecus. I have not tried the Seagate and do not plan to as it is headless. Since I do not have one I have no idea, but they don’t seem to offer it with anything over 2tb drives? You can fill up a Thecus with 4tb WD Red’s if you like.

Again, the question is do you want to do client backups. If so you need either the Thecus or get any hardware and purchase Server Standard and enable the Essentials role.

You can see Wayne’s post in the DL Series section here, why can I not connect my windows to Linux LOL. Windows may cost more than free *nix, but I feel it is worth the difference.