Newbie here. Help What are these?

Newbie question here. I have a 2TB MyCloud that I purchased used. I notice all these files on the drive, all named SAMSUNG_SM_G530A. There are about 25 of these files I didn’t put on there. They are listed below after what I presume are files that are supposed to be there, although I don’t know what “Half” is.
When I click on the SAMSUNG_SM_G530A file, I get an error message that says “Path not found. (400044)”.
When I right click on it, I am only offered Open link in new tab, Open link in new window, Open link in incognito window, Save link as, Copy link address, Inspect.


Laurie (me)
Half (what is that?)
and so on…


You bought it, used, right? It does not appear the previous owner cleaned all their files out. If you don’t need them, then delete them.

Before you proceed much further, suggest you learn more about the gadget, so find your model of My Cloud at WD Support and download its User Manual for your reference. A My Cloud is more than a “drive” so best to know how to use it.

Because the My Cloud was used and it appears the previous owner didn’t delete/wipe their files you may want to perform a System Quick Restore via the My Cloud Dashboard ? Settings > Utilities > System Factory Restore > Quick Restore or Full Restore. The difference between a Quick Restore and Full Restore:

Quick Restore erases content and system info but can be recovered with recovery software
Full Restore permanently deletes all content and system info, and cannot be recovered

First though you should read through the My Cloud User Manual ( or the WD My Cloud Learning Center ( to gain an understanding of what the My Cloud is, how to access the My Cloud Dashboard, how the My Cloud works, how to configure the My Cloud using the Dashboard, and how to access the My cloud both on the local network and via remote access.

My Dashboard doesn’t look like the one in the pdf. I have very limited functions on mine.


Because you accessed the web portal and NOT the My Cloud Dashboard. Using a web browser, one accesses the My Cloud Dashboard via http://wdmycloud (Windows) or http://wdmycloud.local (Mac) or by using the IP address assigned to the My Cloud. See Chapter 5 The Dashboard at a Glance in the My Cloud User Manual for more information on how to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

Because that’s NOT the Dashboard. That’s the MyCloud remote file access interface:

Go and read the user manual.

In particular Chapter 5: The Dashboard At A Glance.

All I get when trying to access the dashboard is this:

Use your My Cloud ip address to access the dashboard.

Are you on the same local network as the My Cloud?

Sometimes one has to use the IP address for the My Cloud. One can find it either in their router’s administration page, or since your using Windows open up Windows File Explorer and you should see several My Cloud icons, usually one under Computer, one under Media Devices and one under Storage. Often opening up the My Cloud under Storage will open the Dashboard page, if not then right click on the My Cloud icon under Media Devices and select Properties. The properties dialog page should list the IP address for the My Cloud.

Do you have any of these shortcuts on your desktop?

Take a look at this, My Cloud │ How it Works .

Yes, I have the 2nd one. I figured out that I needed to install the software. Duh. :blush:
So now I’m having another issue. The guide says I can drag and drop files. Not sure WHERE to drop them.