Newbie, have I wasted my money - please help

Well I’ve just bought a 4tb my cloud drive solely to stream my music collection. I’ve transferred so far in exces of 250 albums to the cloud. Guess what when I came to stream,the album files are all over the place, in any order. What’s the use of putting an album on this drive if you can’t play the cd it as it was laid out on disc. Is there something I’m doing wrong, is there a way round this or is this another total waste of money.
Thanks Paul

What program or app are you using to stream your music? Have you properly tagged your music files with metadata?

You may want to spend some time reading through the following thread on how to maximize using the media server within the My Cloud.

Thanks for the reply.
I have ripped 100s of cds using db poweramp. They are all tagged as follows, Number 01,02,03 etc. Song Title - Album Title - Artist. I am using the mycloud android app for phone and tablet. I also use a dedicated Marantz app for my receiver which I now think may be the problem. Thanks for the link, I will read tonight hopefully.
Thanks Paul

I experienced ta similar problem when I copied my music to the Shared Music folder on my new WD My Cloud Mirror not long ago.
The problem was that these folders were not set up for the content and I had to use Windows Explorer to change this. Don’t know what to do if you don’t use Windows, but here’s what I did to get the tracks in the right order. (I don’t have an English Windows version, but I think the translation is mostly right):
Open Windows Explorer and locate the WD My Cloud Mirror. Go to the Public share and right click on the Shared Music folder. Select Properties and then the Customize tab. Change ‘Optimize this folder for’ from ‘General Characteristics’ to ‘Music’. Hope this will work on your setup too.
You may have to delete the files and copy them all over again.

I haven’t had any problems, ripped albums are done using Windows Media Player. Playing them on my Samsung Galaxy S4 phone is not a problem. I use the My Cloud Mobile app too. See images below.


I think I have got my phone and tablet sorted now. The problem i’ve got now is I have a Marantz SR6009 av receiver and this is what I want to use when I’m at home and want to listen to music. The problem is that all my cd folders are named by the title with a date prefix, ie-
A folder titled Elvis with albums inside
1956.03. Elvis Presley - Elvis
1956.10. Elvis - Elvis
or A folder titled Adele with albums inside
2011.01. 21 - Adele
2015.11. 25 - Adele

Each album then shows in the correct order of date released but all the songs inside are shown in alphabetical order with no way to resort them in number order. I think I may have to look on av forums for a possible answer to this.
Thanks for all replies

You are seeing metadata views. These will be controlled by the Marantz media browser, not the Twonky media server on the MyCloud . you need to refer to the Marantz manual.

As for the filenames, I might suggest an artist/album/track file hierarchy, rather than the complex file names you’ve chosen. The file metadata gives all the album artist and album title detail, so it’s not needed in the filename in a hierarchical file structure. I’d recommend using a two-digit, leading zero track number prefix to the track title, though.

This is a widely recommended structure, not just my personal foible…

I have now sorted my problem and all I had to do was change the way Twonky showed the file as in the Picture

Thanks to all who replied it is very much appreciated