Newbie couple of questions


couple of quick questions.  I have our duo all up and running now, works great.

does it support transcoding on the meda server?  I suspect it would be a bit mch for the CPU, worth a try :smiley:

does it support thumbnails on movie files, ie mpg, doesn’t seem to on the ones I have via our TV, Pany

can you access a USB drive from wd2go?  Can’t see one there, but it does detect ok, I want to copy files off my cd card from our digital camera, without having to go near my pc.

comment, the photo app is good, but could use a prove improvements, would be good to see it get some more features added.  ie, display/edit meta comments would be great.



1- No, it does not transcode videos.  

2- Yes, it supports thumbnails.  You can either provide your own, or it will try to create them from the video stream itself.  

3- Not sure about USB via WD 2go.  Never tried that.

Another small question, can you backup jushast share to a USB drive, rather than the entire nas?  nota instance I don’t really want to backup a movie folder, just docs/photos etc, however there doesn’t seem to be an option to entrust a share