Newbie basics

Firstly Happy New year to you all and secondly a request for help.

I have a WD 2TB drive I bought a year+ back as a backup device for the PCs and laptops in my household.

Unfortulatey so far have only managed to get backups working by manually copying files and not using any of the automated software that MBL provides so this is a request for help. (I’ve followed the videos but without luck)

I realise there are probably a number of threads around in this forum but I’m not sure what to search on. 

My set up is:

  1. A Netgear modem router DGND3300 v2

  2. A 2TB WD My Book Live P/N WDBACG0020HCH-00

  3. HP desktop running Windows 8 connected through a powerline set up to the modem router

  4. Dell laptop running Windows 8 connected wirelessly to the modem router

  5. 2 Fujitsu laptops running Windows 7 connected wirelessly to the modem router

In short, what I want to achive is a backup service whereby photos stored on each device (happy to have then in specific folders) are backed up to the WD My Book Live device and then all are re distributed to back each device. Consequently all photos are then available at any time on each PC.

Hints, tips and links greatfully appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the Community and Happy New Year.

Unfortunately the application bundled with the WD My Book Live does not perform synchronizations between devices on both ends, and instead only adds information to your WD My Book Live from connected computers independently. However, you should be able to use a synchronization utility with NAS support for your needs.

OK, thanks for the feedback.

I’m hoping I’ve acheived what I want using xcopy. Using this my key issue has been reconnecting to mapped drives but having explored the archive here I’ve found out how to update the windows vault and now have no problems with that.

Best regards,


I would recommend robocopy over xcopy, but plenty of freeware to achieve what you want using folder sync.

Including plenty of cloud options such as dropbox, onedrive, etc. It all depends on your needs and data size.

I personally use robocopy for important files (in LAN) combine with offsite backups (dropbox).