Newb question re "Get Content"

Hi Guys,

Wondering if someone could explain to me how the Live Hub, when getting content info, decides which of the available Meta Sources is the right one to use? Or does it run through all 3 in turn?

I’ve got a folder at the root of my Live Hub called “TV”, inside there are folders for all my fave tv series. The Hub has picked up the content info correctly for all my series, except for 2: The UK BBC Frozen Planet series, and an Aussie Dramedy called “Spirited”.

Going by the fact that the Hub shows me the Movie DB as the meta-source after a failed “get”, I wonder, is there a way to *force* it use the TVDB as the source?



This is a ‘Themes’  Forum… for a better response try

General Discussions Forum Instead  (also mention what Firmware you are using)

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Thanks for the tip Joey, I’ve re-posted my question in that thread.