Newb interface questions

So I just got a new WDTV LIVE Streaming and REALLY like it.  IT has the latestfirmware on it.  So I have a couple of interface questions.

To set a background, I follow the manual instructions to select the picture, click OK, then hit OPTIONS.  when I do that, “set a backgorund” is not an option I am given.  Am i missing something?  It is on a network share.  DOes it need to be local?

To set a image as thumbnail for a folder, I read to to the image in the folder and name it foldername.metathumb.  IS that correct?  Because it isn’t working so well.

Thanks for all your help.


sacarmic wrote:

To set a image as thumbnail for a folder, I read to to the image in the folder and name it foldername.metathumb.  IS that correct?  Because it isn’t working so well.

foldername.metathumb isn’t correct.

Generally, it’s “folder.jpg”

… but if you have any metathumbs (for movies) in there, the first one (alphabetically) will take priority.   Most people are using a name like “0.metathumb” so it’s alphabetically first, which will be the thumbnail shown for the folder.

 Thanks for the tip, but neither “0.metthumb’” nor “folder.jpg” worked.

I also found out it will not give you the option to select an image for the background from a network share.  It has to be from a local device.  I just put the images on thumb drive and selected it and now it works.


sacarmic wrote:

 Thanks for the tip, but neither “0.metthumb’” nor “folder.jpg” worked.

You will need to be more specific about your share directory structure and what directories you are trying to set thumbnails for.  Also, are you using the Media Library or not?  I am not clear on this.

I have a Movies share/directory, into which I put my “movies” thumbnail, named 0.metathumb.  Absolutely works.  So if this is basically what you are trying to do, then you did it wrong somehow if it doesn’t work.  Of course I have also had to clear the Media Library and even deleted the .wd_tv directories to get changes to show up immediately.

Basically I have a folder with the series name and all the individual episodes (.mkv files) in the folder.  I just want the folder with all the episodes to have the image of the series.  THe thumbnails for each episode show up correctly.  THey are all on a mac os server share.  I have each volume set to show up in the Media Library.  

Let me know if I haven’t answered you correctly.


In most of my TV shows, I don’t even provide a specific folder thumbnail.  The WD defaults to using whatever metathumb file.

What version of firmware are you using on the WDTV?

What VIEW are you using (Yellow button)

What FILTER are you using? (Green button)

Incidentally, I have no trouble selecting a NAS-based JPG file for the background… When I press OPTIONS while viewing the photo, it’s the Next-to-Last option – right before Auto Sleep Timer.

WHatever is the lastest.  I just installed it a week ago and it went through two firmware updates.  It is

I edited my reply right before you posted – there’s more questions there now.

As “tony” says, the SMP should automatically display a thumbnail for a show folder if you have thumbs for the episodes (it automatically shows the thumb for the first episode I believe).

Now I actually use the trick of giving my show directories video extensions to trick the SMP into letting me provide xml files to display show/season info, but you don’t have to do this.

Here is how I have my TV folders:

Directory TV on server is shared out as share TV.

Contents of TV directory:

folder.metathumb     (this is the TV folder thumb that I created)



Show1.mkv [directory]

Show2.mkv [directory]

Contents of Show1.mkv directory:




.Show1.S1E01.backdrop [directory]

SMP picks up the metathumb file from within the Show1.mkv directory to display for the directory.

Shows with multiple seasons I have organized into subdirectories:

Contents of Show2.mkv directory:




Show2_Season_1.mkv  [directory]

Show2_Season_2.mkv  [directory]

E.g., contents of Show2_Season_1.mkv directory:




.Show2.S1E01.backdrop [directory]