New World book

  If I could ask a few questions?

I have two PCs on my wireless network via netgear G. My desktop, and the wifes laptop.

I bought this NSD for a safe backup for both PCs and for the ability to access pics and video abroad.

I run 7 on my PC and Vista on the wifes.

I have never owned a external HD before, so after following the directions I have completely confused myself , and dont know why there are so many drives on my system, and the wifes?

Shares, Public, download , and z,y,x,w? why so many drives, how should I set up for privacy?I tried to open a few of the drives, after backing up 350gigs of space , and can’t find anything?

I did not install the last program yet (mionet) for I have not heard positive things.

Any help sorting this out would be much appreciated!

   I googled this and found 9 out of 10 people have problems. I took it back!