New with SMP themes, need to be sure what I know

Hi to everybody.

First of all, sorry for my english, I’m spanish so I may have some errors in this message and the following ones.

I bought long time ago this gadget and for me, it’s increidible.

Like one month ago I discovered thumbgen which I’ve been using until now to generate the .xml and .metathumb files so I can have some visual info about the films.

But, reading through this forum I’ve discovered the themes. They seem fantastic to me because I can see more info and everything looks a bit better. So, I found these two themes ( Darklight and Kudos V4) which have moreless everything I need (everything related to codecs and size of the files and a better qualification with numbers, like 8,7).

I have 1.12.14 firmware. Will these themes be compatible? Are more themes compatible with this firmware?

Moreover, I know how to install it, but, for these themes I have to create the moviesheet info instead of the xml and metathumb files, don’t I?

I have all the xml an metathumb files created, is there anyway to convert or at least use them to create the moviesheet?

Is there anything more I need to create for using the themes?

Thanks to everybody who read this, as you can see I’m a newbie about this


Not sure if you did but this thread might be helpful

about your firmware, most Themes work better on older firmware and some of the new firmware are not compatible

hopefully some of the theme creators will chime in this thread to ensure if this one will work

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I am using Mojo theme on my WDTV SMP along with the latest firmware.  Everything works OK.  Mojo is one of Tinwarble’s Themes.

I create my Movie Sheets etc using ThumbGen and Tinwarble’s instructions and mojo_Glass2 template.

Find all you need here:

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First of all, thanks to both for answering.

As the best way to see if everything works it to try it I tried installing Kudos V4 and everything went ok.

I’ve created some moviesheets and I see everything correct so I’m in, I think I know moreless hoy it works



I ordered a WD SMP and I’m waiting to receive it tomorrow.

I loooked at some of the threads and I have a really noobish question.

The themes look really nice, but from what I understand you have to manually choose pictures etc. for each movie through Thumbgen and then have them uploaded to your hdd in order to have this great look ?

So for every new movie, if I want to have the info etc, I have to repeat this procedure?

Did I understand wrong?

Moreover, what other “customizing” options are there for the appearence of the SMP?

Thanks and sorry for my ignorance.