New Wireless Pro -- Major Set Up Problems

I am really lost. I got the app for my ipad and was able to change the name and password of the HD even though the instruction manual is seriously in need of revision.

I cannot for the life of me get connected to my own wireless network. I’ve added the mac address of the passport, I’ve entered the right password a million times. Whenever I go to choose a network in the app and try to connect one of three things happens even though I’m repeating the same steps each time…?

  1. “The operation could not be completed. (AccessPointConnectionError Domain error 25)”
  2. “The Internet is not available” … ?!
  3. The ipad boots me from being connected to the passport and instead connects me back to my main wireless connection.

It’s very strange and maybe it’s something silly and stupid on my part but advice would be greatly appreciated.

I am going on a trip soon and I need to test this and get it to work properly so I can back up my photos to the passport and then upload them at a hotspot somewhere to dropbox.

I did also finally get connected on a regular public network to try that out but it is timing out every single time I try to connect to dropbox… that’s not good… that’s why I bought this passport to begin with. Also means something wrong connecting to my own wireless network. Ideas?

Please help.

Thank you very much in advance,


Re your home network; could it be that you have a restricted access to your home network? I do. Only identified MAC adressen can log on to it.
If so the problem is your router configuration, not the MPW.
Check out the MAC adress filter on your router. If enabled you need to add the MAC of the MPW. I also use DHCP reservation - a specified IP nr - for the MPW which the MPW needs to know.

When on a public network - under what circumstances? If on a café with others using the network for instance - I am not surprised that the MPW timed out.
If on a trip i would like to backup photos to a cloud I would go to random surf café with computers and connect the MPW via USB for for upload.

Thank you for the swift reply. Good to know on the wireless connection and that uploading on the road via dropbox is likely not going to work. I’ll try anyways and see what happens but that’s disappointing. At least I can back up from my CF effectively without carrying around a laptop etc… that’s a plus.

So I guess the question is… if it times out all the time thus far, how do I get it connected to Dropbox at all? It sounds like this major functionality feature simply does not work/is too slow to respond/the timeout needs to be a longer duration? It’s kind of a major selling point.

Home network… yes I have it locked down by MAC address. I did add the MAC of the MPW into the router to allow it through but still no joy.

No problemos =)
Re on travel: I am not sure the problem is with the MPW. In my experience any public wifi i have tried is generally flimsy and weak. And also - a USB connection is generally faster when syncing. And if you are like me and shoot RAW the files are quite large. I just do not see the wireless transfer to be the fastest way here.

Re Home network. Ok, great. What I found out was that the MPW uses two MAC addresses. I think. It was a while since i configured the device but I remember that I had to add a second MAC address in my router.


My Passport Wireless Pro has three access points.

2.4 GHz down link
5 GHz down link
Shared LAN uplink <-- this is connection to your local LAN (Router)