New WDTV won't access network share, youtube useless

So after many years of faithful service, I got fed up with my gen1 wdtv live’s speed, constant youtube crashes and occasional refusal to bring up network shares. Figured the original was good, so the new ones (I appear to have the 2014 version) have to be better. Apparently not. I try to select my network share as video/audio/picture source and it just sits there and the does nothing (left it for an hour). Tried the new youtube app and all though it dosn’t crash, it’s already played me 4 commercials and constantly plays videos released less than 2 hours ago in 480p or less (phone does 720p fine and computer does 720 and 1080p on the same videos). I have another device that does netflix, so although I’m dissapointed, it’s not a deal breaker.

Network share (win 7 pro) is setup with proper network and FS permissions and has a top level folder of around 4TB, with 3-5 layers of subfolders representing media type, album name, tv show/season, etc. Firmware is up to date.

I’m about ready to pack the **bleep** thing up and take it back, but just wanted to see if I’m missing anything obvious.

EDIT: Finally got the network shares working (screwed up the workgroup name). Youtube still starts loading videos as low as 144p and after 30-120 seconds will jump to 720p. Internet is 28 down 6 up, and traffic graphs show nothing else using the network during video playback.

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I am glad you were able to discover the reason the network shares were not being displayed. On the other hand with regards to YouTube, which firmware revision is the one your WD TV is currently running? Does a factory reset address this issue?