New WDTV Live Plus with very weird behaviour


I have just receved from Newegg a “refurbished EDTV Live Plus”. Have no idea what was refurbished but it looks perfectly new with all accessories. It is hard to explain my problem so please be patient. :slight_smile:

  • The WDTV Live Plus is connected to LAN. Checked the firmware, it is the latest, 1.06 something. All settings are at default.

  • I can browse the internet, wach YouTube, etc.

  • I can browse my network, see the drives and also xbmc upnp. I can select a movie or a tv show and could watch with no problem from the beginning to the end if I don’t touch the remote.  

  • I can do the same if I connect one of the two NTFS drives to the USB

  • Within first 10 minutes (more or less) if I do FF or REW or jump 10 min, or PAUSE, or STOP and PLAY again, it works. 

  • BUT , if I do the the same after say, 30 minutes of play, it appears a message “this media can not be played” but in the background you can still hear the sound how it is still playing. (?!?!) At this point I have to power off the unit and start over.

  • If for instance I press STOP after more than 15 minutes, I will get back the list of movies or tv shows but in the background the sound from the media I was watching is still playing. (?!?!?) If I select the same movie or a different one while playing the background sound, the sound does not stops and I get waiting wheel and nothing else happens.

  • If I watch the entire movie or tv show and not touching the remote, at the end it does not bring me back to the list, I have just a black screen and I have to power OFF and back ON to select something else.

I have downgraded the firmware with 1.05 or something, almost a year old, tried it, the same problem.

I have upgraded on line, it has the same problem.

I have tried to read over network from a MAC, then from a Linux computer and then connected only to USB, from two different drives, one NTFS and then formated to DOS, the problem described above is always there. No matter from where I read the media.  Most of the media is in avi and mkv, it can not be from the media encoding itself. I have tried with one “mov” and it was the same.

What should I do, what is your advice?

Have you tried resetting it:  How to reset a WD TV or WD Elements Play

If you have the same issues, regardless the file type you are playing back, you may contact Newegg to have it replaced. You should also be able to request the replacement directly with WD. 

Yes, forgot to mention it. I have reset it each time before changing the f/w.

So basically, are you saying that this is a defective unit?