New WDTV Live Freezing while playing MKV

New WDTV Live (2011 Model) randomly stops playing MKV files. I have 4 WD 2tb hard drives connected only 1 at a time directly to USB and it  happens on all of the drives. Ruling out a specific Hard drive. I can back out of the frozen movie and select a different movie to play, even on a different drive, but once I select a new movie it displays the frozen screen of the previous movie. I have to go to settings and “Rest  Device” to play a different movie. However, I do have a the older WDTV Live Plus and all of the “freezing” movies play fine, start to finish. Ruling out a corrupted MKV file. Taking that into account, It leads me to believe there is a problem in the Firmware or OS of the new WDTV. I exchanged the unit for a new one and it happens on that one too. I even deleted the wd database folder on the hard drive and it doesn’t change a thing. Anybody got a work around for this freezing? 

This problem has been cropping up lately for some users.

MKV Problems

You can try rolling back the firmware to a previous version.

Firmware Rollback

EDIT:  Wait a minute…I just realized that this is the SMP forum. Do you have a WD Live/Live Plus or the new Streaming Media Player? (My answer was for the Live/Live Plus).

Thanks Scandy! So I rolled back to the original firmware and problem solved!!! Something in Firmware** 1.04.12 (11/17/2011)** is causing this problem. Just to clarify for those who encounter this freezing issue. It happens on random movies. You can have a hundred movies that play fine but there will be a few that hang up out of no where. Even after rebooting and re encoding the movies it still happens. Also to mention, this is for the new WD Streaming media player