New WD40EFRX clicking sound every 2 seconds

Hello to the community. I would like your help and support for the following issue. I recently bought (3 weeks ago) a Western Digital Red 4TB, 3.5 Inches, SATA 3, 64MB, Intellipower (WD40EFRX) hard disk. I formatted the drive and accessed it through windows but when I am trying to copy and then paste a file to the drive the hard disk starts making a clicking sound every 2 seconds and windows freeze and stop responding. Can this issue be fixed or was I unlucky and got a faulty drive? How should I proceed? I have recorded the sound if you need listening to it and I could make a video of the whole process to show you how the issue begins at the first place. My experience suggests that clicking noises are a bad thing for hard disks. But how possible is that the hard disk was faulty when it left the western digital factory? I considered western digital as the best hard disk manufacturer and a very reliable company. Please advise.


Yes, it could be faulty, so suggest you contact WD Support.

I once received two faulty drives right out of the box (not WD brand). These things happen. I contacted the seller who sent me new replacements. Maybe the whole box of drives got dropped. Who knows how it happens, but it does sometimes.

I took the drive to the technician and told me that the drive is fine and that he checked it with a diagnostic tool. How is this even possible? Is it possible that different diagnostic tools show other results? Or could it be that the technician did a sector analysis but not a read/write test? I am confused. I will go there today and be present at the diagnostic tool that the technician used and we will do it again together and tell him about what I did but this is odd.

Any suggestions?

Yesterday, I ran the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows quick test and got this message