New WD4003FZEX-00Z4SA0 access time and spin up time worries

I recently bought a 4TB WD Black drive last April 16 it did pass the HD Tune full error scan but right now I worry about the access time and the spin up time. First the spin up time it seems the values are decreasing from when I first installed the drive the spin up time value was 148 now it’s 143 for current and worst. When looking at the spin up time data value it equates to 11.8 seconds of spin up time. Here is the SMART
Then access time, according to this benchmark performed just recently ago.
169 MB/s read speed and an access time of 12.6ms. I think I am ‘experiencing’ the slowness of the access time like when sometimes I right click a file like rar I see for an instance the loading mouse cursor or when accessing pictures it takes a while for the green bar to completely load or when opening a 500KB pdf file it takes a moment. I currently have 600GB worth of data in the new 4TB and it’s connected to a SATA 3 (6Gbps). Is 169MB/s read slow for a WD 4TB Black drive?I have a fairly decent PC|
edit:I just just checked the warranty status of my new 4TB drive it changed from “limited warranty” to “out of region”. Yes I registered this drive in the WD Support website but somehow was not able to specify the country but right now I can’t even edit the Country settings.

Hello there,

Actually, that is a very good read speed, in my opinion at least. Regarding the drive registration, i recommend contacting WD support: