New WD3200AAJB PATA Drive Seen as Only 128GB, Won't Slave and Many Other Issues

I just bought  brand new WD3200AAJB PATA drive sealed in box.  First thing I noticed is that it won’t slave to a WD400BB.  So I put it as a single drive just to use the install CD and see what I could do.  My Bios supports LBA48 and I had a WD1600AAJB working flawlessly with the system.  Bios sees it correctly as about 300GB, as does the WD install disk.  I was able to make three partitions of equal size using Data Lifeguard.  But when I use it as a second drive installed on the Secondary EIDE port it shows up as only 128GB and unformatted in Win XP SP2.  Using DLG Diagnostics in DOS it passes both quick and extended tests, but fails when I try to write zeros to the drive about halfway through and just hangs.  When trying to write 0’s I get error code 0112.   Frustrating thing is it has the exact same issues as the guy describes in the thread below.  He said he fixed it by doing a “DOD Level Wipe.”  Great, I’m so happy to hear that, but what utility do you use for that.  He fixed his problem but didn’t go into any details.  Could someone please tell me what he’s talking about?  Thanks!

I think he meant DoS, using the DoS version of DLG.

DoD may stand for “Department of Defense”, you may send a PM to  GodspeedFx and ask him about what tool he used to fix the drive.  

You may also check if your Bios is up to date, and confirm with the manufacturer if your system supports a 320 GB as secondary.

WinXP needs an updated driver for LBA48 mode IIRC.