New WD20EARX making strange noises


I have a new WD20EARX in operation since the other day and notice some strange noises from the beginning.

I have tried to capture a little footage as good as possible:

YouTube footage

Please ignore the pulsating high frequency noise, I don’t know where that came from because it’s not audible in real life.

I have opened a case with WD support just two day s ago - still waiting for their reply.

Would you think that is an RMA case?

By the way, here is a screenshot of the health condition according to HDD Health:


Would it help to post the SMART results as well? They all have a green tick.

bad sectors maybe. How does it reflect on writing/reading data from the drive.

I never heard similar constant ticks from EARX drives yet

« How does it reflect on writing/reading data from the drive. »

Hi, could you suggest a program for me to make a test please ?

I have had same noise happen with WD10EALX 1TB Caviear Blue SATA III that I bought from Newegg early last month.  Sent back and received replacement drive (identical) and same noise.  Sent back a second time and awaiting my second replacement.  If I have same problem with the third drive I’ll get my $ back and source a different mfg.  With both drives making the noise the SMART data is all good, and ran short and extended test (both good).  Benched the drive and speed is as advertised.  But that unsettling noise every 5-10 sec is unnerving to say the least.  I think the sound is more like a thump/bump than a tick but clearly heard above all the whirring of the case fans.  Shame because I have had WD drives in past that have worked flawlessly for me. 

It is definitely an rma case.  Drives do not make that noise normally.  I have some others suggest that it is the head parking over and over again, but I have not found any way to substantiate that claim. 

Hi barkeater,

I think you’re right. I will RMA the hard drive tomorrow.

AFAIK customer services of WD is very good.

I will update this thread as soon as I have news.

Thank you all.


I just received my second replacement WD 1 TB SATA 3 Cav Blue drive from Newegg yesterday and installed it.  No ticking/clicking/clunking.  All tests are good (but they were on the other drives as well).  Seems like three times a charm :)  Hope you get your issue resolved as well.

Hi barkeater,

glad you’ve got it sorted.

By the way, please follow this link and find out how many platters your have:

HDD Platter Database

I was surprised to find my WD20EARX - 00ZUDB0 to have 4 x 500GB platters while the same model - 00PASB0 has only 3 x 667 GB platters. Fewer platters mean less vibrations and less noise.

I’ve sent it off yesterday. Hope I’m going to get the 00PASB0 type instead of 00ZUDB0.


Hi, just to update this thread.

On Monday, 18.06.12 I received the exchange hard drive.

Thank you very much Western Digital !!

While my old one was the WD20EARX- 00ZUDB0 = 4 x 500GB platters,

I received the WD20EARX- 008FB0 = ? platters.

Does anyone know how many platters the 008FB0 version has?

Thank you

PS: the WD20EARX- 00PASB0 = 3 x 667GB platters.

Regarding the frequent clicking noise (about every 5 sec), your drive may have the head parking issue.

It that’s the case, you could try following this step-by-step guide:

How to disable the timer on WD GP hard drives