New WD TV Live Plus

Hey Forum,

I got my Live Plus a few days ago and have had a few troubles running it. I’m going to try and keep this short and to the point.

1.)  I’ve had a few troubles with cover art. I’m trying to get cover art for all my .ISO and .VOB movies (DVD Menus are phenomenal when DVD’s are ripped to .ISO btw). I read that you simply name the JPEG image the same as the movie file. This has not worked for me at all. It either displays the cover art on the movie _and  _the JPEG, OR it doesn’t even assign it to the .ISO or .VOB and just displays JPEGS. I do in fact have it in thumbnail view and I swear I’ve tried everything. Any help would be great.

2.) I had quite the experience trying to get a USB wi-fi device that would actually work with my live plus. I didn’t realize how particular it was until my original Netgear and my newly purchased Belkin Basic didn’t work. Frustrated to the max to say the least. I eventually just hooked up an ethernet cable to it because I lost the receipt so I couldn’t take back the belkin to exchange for one that was on the list of “approved” USB devices.

Other than that nothing else seems to be wrong. Remote works fine, plays everything I throw at it, picture quality is amazing, (although I did notice that it didn’t display correctly on my 4:3 TV), and it plays .ISO files amazingly. There’s nothing like being able to access a full DVD Menu digitally without the DVD haha. I hope no other problems arise so I can continue to expand my movie library and get a couple terabyte hard drives. Anyway, thanks for any help :) 

Well, thumbnail issues have been a LONGSTANDING issue.   Sounds like you’re doing it right, and getting the same wrong results everyone else does… :wink:

To get my cover art to work, I do this and it works ever time:

Resize the image to 300x444

I put my movies in seperate folders, so I name the folder whatever the movie is called, and inside the folder I have two .jpg files, like this:

My Movie.mkv

My Movie.jpg


I use MKV files, you can use ISO or whatever you use.

You might also need to delete a hidden folder off the root of your USB drive named .wd_tv

Delete it and power off the WD Live, then turn it back on, it will rebuild the flat file it uses to to index the drive.

 Hope that helps!!

I will add to the last post, there is a quick cheat that I’ve been using, goto Netflix, view the movie you need (ex: Old Dogs) and right click on the image of the movie, save it EXACTLY as the .iso or .vob you have in the directory and you’re golden.

You might have to log out of the share and back in again but it will be there.

Make sure you name it exactly!!! Also I avoid spaces use _ (underscores) instead, seems to throw it off.



Best of luck.

Yeah, just to reiterate the last point, the thumbs are case sensitive (because the Live is a Linix system) so the best bet is to copy the file name and paste it in from the movie (just the name, of course, and not the extension).  Also, keep the thumbs under 70k.

I still haven’t had any luck with the cover art. The Live Plus assigns the JPEG to the movie as it should, but it displays the JPEG as well. That’s annoying and pointless and GAY. Do you have this problem as well? Could it be that it’s because i’m using a network share instead of hooking my external hard drive to the LIve Plus directly? DAH

Just use the program called ThumbGen, it will search all kinds of sites for you and generate images for your icons, it also makes movie sheets and IMDB description pages for custom firmwares as well, I use it all the time and pick exactly what cover art I want for my thumbnails…works like a champ!

I’ve tried that and yes it works great, but the Live Plus keeps displaying my movie (.ISO) and the JPEG as well. Does no one else have this problem? 

iHacker wrote:

I’ve tried that and yes it works great, but the Live Plus keeps displaying my movie (.ISO) and the JPEG as well. Does no one else have this problem? 

Yes we all have it. Its very very well known and one day WD may do something about it.

This was my first and only issue, I’ve gotten used to it, just scroll BACK on your library to show the movies in reverse order, the JPG files show up at the end that way, simple workaround and yes hopefully a new software release will get this fixed.