New WD TV Live Media Player playback problems


I recently purchased a WD TV Live Media Player. After setting it up and updating the firmware this evening, I’m having problems with playing files on my Windows 7 PC. Only some of the files are visible and of those that are, none are playing. When I select a file to play, I get ‘Browse Error. Content not available.’

I’ve been using an A.C. Ryan PlayOn for the last 2 years, and haven’t any problems playing or even seeing all the shared content on my PC. Can anybody suggest a solution to my problems?



Have you tried resetting and/or power cycling the media player?

Thanks for the reply, Hamlet.

I’ve managed to get some of the files on my PC visible and playing on the media player. But inexplicably, some files are completely missing. They’re not a different format, and should be the same as the ones that do appear. But for some reason, they’re just missing. Any firther ideas? I tried resetting and power cycling.