NEW WD TV Live doesn't see network drives after firmware update

I bought the new WD TV Live a week ago. Today it asked for a firmware update, I did the update and after the reboot I can no longer see 1 of my network drives. I have a 1TB usb 2.0 drive hooked to a pc downstairs with all my music, pictures and some videos on it. The WD TV Live does see the C:\ drive to the down stairs PC but not the External 1TB drive. I checked the PC down stairs. The drive is shared and I can access it from other PC’s in my house. I tried to reset the WD TV Live to factory defaults but that didn’t help. Does anyone know what is going on or can I down grade back to the original firmware I had? Thanks

Does the share name have any “unusual” characters in it?  Anything other than letters / numbers / spaces?

No its shared as the word Media. I keep my shares 1 word. Like I mentioned before it was fine until the firmware update.

The first thing I would do is ensure the issue is actually related to the firmware update.

Start by doing a power cycle to your router, the USB drive, your computers and the WD TV. If the drive still does not show up, try removing the USB drive from the network and re-sharing it. If the issue continues to occur try doing a rollback on the firmware. If the drive shows up again, try doing the update again and seeing if it disapears again. Once you know this information post back and let us know the results of each step.