New wd stramer keeps jamming

Hi, I just got the new wd live streamer, when im playing my movies from my external hard drive after about 20 mins the system freezes and I have to unpug it to get it working again then it all happens again,…any help please…ken

Try  to turn off media server in settings of the WD TV and try to play a movie again.

( By the way, you are in the wrong forum)

thanks i turned off network share is that the same thing

Ken, by any chance you with Virgin Media and using Superhub,

if thats the case, go into superhub settings and turn off UPNP or set it to max time 1440.

There is a bug in firmware with WDTV and Superhub since latest V25 superhub firmware.

Maybe you dont use it at all, but what your describeing sounds like the superhub behaviour.