New WD SSD on USB not detected by Acronis

Hi… read that Acronis will not detect an SSD drive on a USB port without some executable that is needed from WD Support. New NVMe SSD installed, seen in Windows but not seen by Acronis in order to Clone. Support Chat not available, Support only seem to accept messages and are not available directly on phone and I’m unable to see the required file in Downloads. Any pointers on how to get this file?

What a saga! Great difficulty getting a response from WD Support. Waited 3 days before I was told that cloning my WD Blue SN550 NVMe SSD connected via a USB port was not possible using the WD specific version of Acronis (See Drives supported by Acronis True Image for Western Digital Somewhere deep in these posts I saw Macrium Reflect would do the trick. Downloaded (Macrium is a freebie for personal use and a mere fraction of the size of Acronis) and it worked a treat. Immediately saw both drives and copied my 250Gbyte Toshiba to my USB connected WD SSD in 26 minutes flat - and faultlessly! Have 3 WD disks at home but after this saga I would have to think seriously about getting another. Were I to do so I would make sure I have Macrium to hand.