New WD Passport Ultra - how to get files?

I don’t know anything about these external hard drives.  I was told they are easy to use, but they aren’t.

I have one for a back up for my pc, I bought another one to keep specific files on.  The new one backed up my pc…even though I just want to keep certain files on it, and not on my pc.

How do I get into the external hard drive to look/manage/add too/delete specific files?  

Specifically, I wanted to use this external hard drive to keep videos on.  I really didn’t need my pc backed up again, since it is backed up on another one.

How do I use this thing to just keep video files??  Or any files for that matter??

I looked in the manual, but I didn’t see anything about this.


Welcome to the Community.

Switch the WD SmartWare backup mode from category backup to file backup in the “Backup” tab.

You can also copy and paste files directly into your WD Passport Ultra. It will be displayed as a regular storage volume in the “Computer” section of Windows Explorer.