New WD My Book Studio: how to install WD Smartware?


I just bought a WD My Book Studio 1.5 TB for my Mac.

I’d just like to use it as follows :

  • customize its label

  • divise the drive in 2 partitions: 1 for Time Machine, 1 for personal storage

  • crypt the data, if it doesn’t slow down the performances

What I don’t want is :

  • automatic backup managed by WD software

  • WD software permanently loaded in memory

  • WD virtual drive loaded everytime

So, do I need to install WD Smartware ?

Also, it seems that WD virtual drive and other documentation files are pre-installed on the drive, and taking about 300 MB on it… can I delete all this stuff to “recover” the 300 MB ?




The My Book Studio drive is fully compatible with Time Machine since you don’t want to use any of the features WD Smartware has just don’t install it.

When you plug the drive on your mac will be recognized and a pop up window will come asking you if you would like to use Time Machine as backup software.-

Ok thanks, but I want to rename the label… only WD Smartware can do that, no ?

So I guess I have to install it once, and then uninstall it.

Also, is it possible to remove the 330 MB of default files on the disk ? I guess not, since I don’t see any partition I could remove.

In that case since you would like to remove the files on the drive and remane it, format the drive on Disk Utilities.-

No, as I said the “default files” partition (330 MB) doesn’t show up in Disk Utility, it’s kind of hidden.

I found this topic about a guy who managed to “force format” the disk, and remove the hidden partition… but I guess I’ll don’t take the chance, and leave it as is :neutral_face:

About the label, I installed WD Smartware and changed it. Now that it’s done, I guess I’ll just uninstall Smartware :neutral_face: