New wd my book 8 tb

I´ve just bought a new model WD my book 8 tb and the hard disk has a lot of vibration and besides I can´t hear the ventilator working.I also have a old model WD elements which works without any vibration and you can hear the ventilator smoothly, and that´s why I wonder if the “8tb new” works fine or is a damaged unit (I´ve run the crystaldiskinfo and indicates a good health status but on the other side gets 43ª C -it looks like the ventilator doesn´t Works since you can`t hear it-)
All in all I´m considering of returning the 8 tb hard disk as it looks like it might be a damage unit (I bought it to amazon and it´s a warehouse deal product, a kinf of efurbished product -it looked good and it came perfectly boxed, but vibrates and ther´s no ventilator working-).
Well, I was wondering if someone had this model of hard disk and could tell me his/her experience.
Thank you very much in advance.

The drive does not come with a fan and never has. Are you laying the drive down or standing it on end, because these drives require being stood on end so they can ventilate any heat.

As for the vibration, it shouldn’t be vibrating per se, but you should be able to feel the drive spinning in the case. Also, where are you placing the drive? Because it should be placed on a solid desk, table, or shelf.

If the drive spins up, and is easily recognized by the pc, and it isn’t making any continuous clicking noises, then I would be comfortable with using it. Especially since you tested it and it was okay. But that’s your call. There is always the chance that it may have been damaged in shipping. Usually, the drives are well packaged enough to prevent that from happening.