New WD Media player no sound help please?

I don’t know if there is aproblem with my player or not

i downlaod Hd movie online place the movie on my new 500gb wd ext hdd drive

i received my wd media player WDBABF0000NBK-NESN today.

i am waiting for my hdmi cable bu ti wanted to see if my hd moviw will work. i noticed there was no sound i am using rca jacks for video and sound…

is it possible the audio is DTS and it can not transmit via RCA jacks or is there a problem ??

second issue it is very slow fast forward a movie only goes to 16x ? that not a big problem something i notice


i also tried switching form digital and stero no luck

i am not getting any sound from mkv movies i tried 3 different movies

no problem with avi or xvid

my wd media player directly to tv with rca not tried hdmi waiting for the cable.

it should still work with rca sound ?

Same here. Seems to have problem with mkv and aac audio in hd. I don’t remember having this problem in the regular version. I have the plus ver now.

well if there is no solution for this then i am sending this back sorry to ssay i am not spending $100 to find out i can’t listen to no audio

will try other media player. i will wait few day to see if there is any soloutions from wd techiess…

Ok after 4 hours trying 100 things and different formatt i found a workable solution using WD Medial player…

  1. download and  Run the file through MKVmerge Version 4.0.0​de-4.0.0-setup.exe

  1. then change setting in your WD media player to STEREO …

This how i got my WD media layer working with MKV HD blue ray files downloaded online…


They need to come out with better sound codec to accomodate all file format… HINT HINT…

If you had looked around this forum a little more you would have literately fallen over the solution to your problem.