New WD Live TV Hub 2tb

I agree… And a bigger HD with all the flaws and shortcomings of the current hub is certainly not worth 250 bucks… Not in my book

Well I haven’t forgotten that we read:

We may/may not see it this year but when we do see it I will be looking close at it. Till then I’m happy with my Hub, even with its problems I think it’s a pretty good device.

Maybe they are trying to catch up to Samsung (?)  If their android streamer has netflix (which I doubt since it seems to be a very select few) then this would be worth buying just for comparison.

I dunno how grand an idea the would be after reading that Samsung is planning on dropping Android as the OS for their phones.

Bad idea, I think. Samsung will be known as Sucsung! Seems crazy to adopt an OS that lacks the support that Android does.

Samsung drop android?  UNLIKELY since it is making them hands over fists rich each day.  Maybe they want to scare Google a little by indicating they could take away the major share of the cell phone business if google makes android phones.  But then again you know samsung (and all others using android) are paying royalities to google for the java script google licenses to interface into android.

Chances are, since the android market has so many developers writing ROMs and improving phone interfaces, if android leaves the samsung phones developers will write free code to replace their OS with android again.  YEAH FOR OPEN OS !

I think that article saying “Samsung dropping android” was written as a “shock article” like the tabloids at the checkout stand where you see news about the three headed baby Elvis had, etc.  It looks more like Samsung is testing the waters for a “high-end alternative” which will run the Tizen OS.  See link below …

But we digress from the thread topic of WDTV Live Hub 2TB a bit, as we wait to see the hardware it brings.  So far, despite the March 19 available date, I have no idea when they might actually deliver mine.

Ya Guys

I agree weather WD picks up Google Tv or has a better interface to me is meanless.


Unfortunately I have a few of the other media players and I have WD non hub players. 

They do not work right or as good as the Hud

WD Live have to see the external HDD every time it is turned on. Where a 1 or 2TB hub just fires off with out the lag.


Easy of use

Speed on start up

These to me are key items that is why I have 2 Hubs. That is why I am considering biting the bullet and installing the new 2TB WD2.5"  HDD.

Easy of use.

Anyone who has the other media players or even a computer linked up to their TV knows WD Hub is the only way to go.

The only problem is


I disagree with all the 2Tb internal drives being a good thing. A lot of you must have forgotten how hard it is to transfer stuff to it.

Two external drives  and up to about 3 External drives on my PC, will just get added to my system as I go, I picked up a 3TB Elements at a good price recently. no need to pay more for another 1TB that takes 20 Yrs to transfer across to, and something you can’t add to My Media Library because its internal and you have to click through different levels to get to it.

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Hi, if you would’t buy another hub, what would you buy that would do almost the same thing?  Have been looking for an alternative to the hub myself,

I now note that the WD store shows the 2TB version (no stock) and as guessed it is simply a drive change. You can pick either 1TB or 2TB.

Looks like the only drive they would have used in the new hub is maybe the 2TB Green?

When this drive costs $180 on its own the Hub is a good bargin at $249. You’re really only paying an extra $69 for the hub.

Or just plug 2 of these into your 1TB hub and you have the same hardware, but 7Tb of storage for the same price, plus the flexibility of filling 6TB from a PC, ratherer than dying from old age trying to fill the internal 2Tb up. :slight_smile:

Has anyone gotten a shipping notification for the new ones yet? I pre ordered a 500GB on newegg when it said it would be released on 3/19/2013 but now it says out of stock and my order has yet to ship…

from 03/24/2013.

I am guessing they have not got stock in till the above date ?

The 2TB model is in stock at Amazon and elsewhere as of yesterday, 3/19.  The 500GB may not be in stock until mid-April.

See this thread I posted yesterday about availability at other online retailers.

engelsjn wrote:

Looks like the only drive they would have used in the new hub is maybe the 2TB Green? 


Hmmm. . .  I suppose this is one way to use up their supply of green drives in case they believe as Seagate does.


Seagate Agrees with Scottie about Green Hard Drives |


Great link Mike27Oct, spells out exactly what most of us have been thinking

pearl wrote:

Great link Mike27Oct, spells out exactly what most of us have been thinking

Did you read the other articles links at this link?  All quite interesting. 

BTW, the green drive assumed to be in the 2TB Hub:  has no specs listed by WD for the drive speed.  Whenever there are no rpm’s listed, I assume 5400 rpm or less (fyi, the drive in the 1TB Hub runs at 5200 rpm.)  I use 7200 rpm drives whenever I can,;meaning no Hub for me!   I want to see a new and improved Live Streaming!  With hi-def video media, it is all about speed for the most part – speed matters.

I think you guys are right (see older comments in this thread) – WD isn’t bringing anything new to these “newly released” versions of the HUB (except different HDU sizes).  So I have cancelled my “pre-order” in newegg and will wait for the Samsung HomeSync android media player in April.

Since it will work with my samsung android phone, connect to google playstore, spool my WHS movies and run netflix, I think it will be a nice upgrade from my HUB (unless it can’t play ISO files, of course).

Anyway it is (in my opinion) worth comparing side by side with my old HUB.  I will post my observations here after I have the physical samsung homesync device.

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Samsung HomeSync

Codec support:
H.264, H.263, MPEG4, VC-1, Sorenson Spark, WMV7/8, MP43, VP8, DivX
MP3, AAC LC/AAC+/eAAC+, WMA 9std/10pro/Lossless, FLAC, Vorbis, AMR-NB/WB, Wav, Mid, AC-3

No standard DVD support / mpeg2