New WD Live TV 3G cannot connect my LG NTFS drive

I bought a WDTV live (3rd generation) yesterday and was quite impressed with it until i connected my LG external harddrive(500gb). I tried both usb input ports but nothing. I have another Samsung external harddrive(500gb) that works without issues. I see that the WDTV live is trying to read the drive but nothing happens, is there something i am doing wrong? or is there a fix for it.

By the way what’s the lowest flv. file quality thats suported by the wdtv live?

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Thank you in advance for your responses.


What’s the model number for your media player?

Have you check the list of compatible devices that can be connected to the media player

Now if your product is not in the list, it doesn’t mean that is not supported only that WD basically says; it might or might not work.

Wdtv live Model number: c3h

Here is the model number of the LG external harddrive: HXD5U50GLS