New WD HDD WD20EZRX Enter User password?


I just bought a new HDD WD20EZRX from Amazon.

When I connect the new HDD to my PC and boot it up I get this message at booting process:

I put this hdd into my ESXi Server and booted it to see what happens in a other PC. When booting the ESX I get also the message:

Enter User password:

When I press enter the server continue the booting process.
I added the new HDD to the ESX Datastores so the HDD is now repartitioned and formated.

After this I rebooted the Server again and I get still the same message.

How can I deactivate this message? 

I don’t want to press Enter to boot up my PC or Server…

Hi I would contact WD about this but there is no software that comes with that drive to create a password for it. A password may be able to be set in some bios. Did the drive come in a sealed antistatic bag or was it taped over it seems as if someone used a 3rd party program on the drive to password it. If that is the case you would need to return the drive and get it replaced. I have never seen the screen shot you posted so have no idea how or what program they used to put a password it.

Keamas, sorry to hear about this issues that you are experiencing. It sounds like this drive may have an ATA lock. This is where a password is required in order for the drive to be accessed. The drives don’t ship this way so it is possible this may have been a returned drive.

In order to remove an ATA lock/password you may need to find some software that has the ability to do this. ATA locking is a spec and not specific to WD hard drives. Unfortunately, we do not have any software that can set, remove, or reset an ATA lock. If you can’t find software that will unlock the drive you may need to replace it. Since it is a recent purchase from Amazon, I would contact them about replacing it. If they can’t help you, I included a link below on how to setup an RMA through WD to replace a drive that is under warranty and how to contact support.

How to get an RMA

Contact Support