New WD harddrive sata connections


Don’t know if anyone else has had this problem but, we are having trouble getting a solid sata connection when we use the sata cables with the metal latching clip on our WD internal black and blue drives.  They don’t click when you connect them.  

Is this a defect that WD is aware of? Also, is anyone else expierencing this same issue?

and is WD going to do anything about it???

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David “Bishopdown” Wright



Have you tried using different Sata cables?

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I have but only the ones with the latching clamps.

In my experience, latching SATA cables are not always the same. I bought one (and trashed it) which never locked and did not always provide reliable connections. I have no idea which company made them, but the ones Intel provided with motherboards were always solid. I started buying Newegg Rosewill cables (blue or red) and they are mostly reliable, but every now and then I end up tossing one because of bad latching. I mostly use Black, but also occasionally Green or Blue, and the latching seems to be consistent.

Which Harddrive are you using??  

I am having the issue with the newer WD black drives, 2TB and up

I just bought new 500GB WD5003AZEX and 1TB WD1003FZEX drives and they work just fine on docks and internal SATA cables (the aforementioned Intel ones) for desktop use. Sorry, I don’t have any drives larger than 1TB right now. Just from a logistics point of view, I would be surprised if WDC used different housings or SATA connectors for any current Black drives.