New WD firmware lacks button to shutdown the device


it seems the last firmware update from WD for the MyCloud series is faulty?

I now do not have any button for “shutdown” in the settings any more.

MyCloud 4TB


Would be great to solve this failure, as it is for sure not the best for the hard disk to be put to sleep by pulling the power cable…

Thanks Frank_Drebin

EDIT: Can be ignored, I will return it to the seller and get myself something from another company. WD HHDs are the best, but don’t buy the rest I would say!

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Does that mean you fixed it? My Cloud still has the Shutdown button where it’s always been…

I do not know, I already reset it and shipped it back to store today, and will head for an Synology DS115j setup.

The button was missing after firmware update, which I did on the first day I got it.

Did you read all the Help information and User Manuals for the My Cloud when you ran into a problem. Hope you did and that you will too for Synology or you may run into problems with it.

Well, at least with 2 DS215j in my house I have no problems. Bought the cloud for my parents, a once and never again purchase.

I know for fanboys this is not what they want to read, but hey: For sure there was a workaround for a firmware failure given in the manual, and I just haven’t read it! I really bet! :joy: Maybe a selfhacking version… :smiley: As said: WD produces the best HDDs to my eyes, but their NAS stations are a pain in…

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