New WD Elements SE 1TB

I just bought this HD recently but stored all my MP3 files on it. So then I plugged the HD into my bluray player to play music which worked fine on my LG blu-ray player and Samsung blu-ray player. The problem is, now I can’t read the music folder on my computer anymore, the music folder is gone (the folder named as “music”), on the HD are just a folder named BUDA (created by the blu-ray player for Blu-ray Live) and an unrecognized file named “music” which is about 82 KB (I can’t modify, move, or even copy this file, and the file is marked as hidden) and the HD does show 166 GB is being used.

So basically, right now I can play music on HD on only my Samsung and LG blu-ray players only. I can’t read any music files from that same folder (the music folder is insivible on my computer) on any of my computers. I even tried to play music on my WD Media player and it could not read the folder either.

Please help, I don’t want to lose all my music files.

Hi, the files could be hidden, check the link below for the steps to show hidden files on Windows.

I contacted with WD tech support and got a reply that the folder was encrypted by the blu-ray player, but LG tech support could not help at all.