New WD Elements 1TB * Wrong Capacity*


This is regarding newly purchase of WD Elements 1TB portable HD.

It shows up the disk space as follows:

Total Size: 931 GB
Free Space: 884 GB

Operating System:  Windows 7 Professional SP1

However when i go inside the HD it shows as below:

As seen in above screenshot the total size of all files is around 6.13 MB , so technically the Free Space available should be around 930 GB whereas it shows 884 GB.

Please help me with a solution on this issue.


That’s normal due to the convertion of the files from Binary to decimals.

Check the link below for more information.


Thanks for your response.

I accept that the available space i.e. 931 GB off 1TB is normal.

However my question is about the default existing/available files in the HD. If you notice the screenshot properly, it has total files of around 6MB, so 931 GB (available) - 6MB (total files available) should be around **930 GB appx.

Please let me know your further response on the same.**



Many Thanks & Regards,

Mehul Bhadricha


Try this:

1. Save the file from the WD external drive to your internal computer hard drive or other USB drive. 

     If you do not need to save the file. Go straight to step 2.

  1. Format the WD external drive, using the  drive utility or from the Disk Management, be sure to choose the NTFS file   


  1. After that check the WD external drive property again to see if the computer is report the correct drive capacity.