New WD easy store 5 TB

Brand new 5TB easy store, connected and reformatted to MS-DOS (for use on either MAC or Windows) and the device shows 4.4 TB used. Also, nothing shows on the drive, no folders, no files, nothing, yet it shows 4.4 TB used. It’s brand new!

Any ideas of how to view what is on this device and why would a new device be 90% full?

Other than erasing and reformatting again, any other suggestions?

I’d really like to see what is on the drive before erasing it.

lots of things make no sense

First is … MS-DOS is an Operating System … not a File System Format for Hard Drives eg. FAT32, NTFS, exFAT (which is compatible with MAC & Windows) etc

Second … MS-DOS aka. Microsoft Disc Operating System is not compatible with MAC

Third … A 5TB drive is actually 4.5TB when converted to OS base 2 math

I think you’re confusing free with used